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I believe a man does what he can,
until his destiny is revealed.

Unlock your true self
Francois Baudot_Life coach_1

Some of you have certainly recognized the quote above from the movie The Last Samurai (2003).

For as long as I can remember, this quest for finding my purpose in life has been part of most of my adult life. However, things took another turn in 2014. At the time, I was at the top of my game professionally, living a comfortable life, but something appeared to be missing. I couldn’t figure out “what”, but I was determined to find the “why” and the “wherefore”.

Liberation & spirituality.

Two words came up as an answer to all the questions I had about life: liberation and spirituality. I went through a very challenging period, where I was torn between two aspects of my world: work and the material comfort that came with it, on the one side; and the fear of missing the essential, on the other.

I had the intuitive feeling that I should go down the road of discovering who I really was as an individualized being and what was my path and purpose in this world.

My pleasure today is the possibility to share my experiences and to support those facing the same challenges. So, if you are reading this and it is shedding some light on a few grains of truth that are just waiting to be explored, then I shall be delighted to talk with you.