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Positive psychology

Positive psychology, or more precisely positive thinking, is the first attempt to improve your thoughts. It is important to point out at this stage that behind every emotion, there is a reflection. In order to improve your thoughts, I will need to help you open up your mind. What does it mean? Well, opening up your mind is about improving your contextual thinking. In other terms it is a paradigm shift, which enables you to see things from a different perspective, in another light, or from an alternative point of view. 

It is important for you to understand that positive thinking is not about taking the view that everything in life is wonderful. In life, nothing is intrinsically good or bad, positive or negative. Events and experiences don’t have meaning in themselves; we are the ones giving them meanings, and the latter are determined to a large extent by the way our mind was preconditioned. So, the more we broaden your contextual thinking, the closer we shall get to know and understand the universe around us. 

Focus on your strengths
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About the coach

My perspective is built on a more positive view of human nature. I see individuals as driven to reach their potential. There is nothing wrong with wanting to fix one’s weaknesses, and in fact it should be the ultimate goal of our lives. But I believe that this is not where personal development should start.