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I can’t change you, but I can show you the road towards change.

Personal Development

The primary purpose here is to stimulate your growth, help you discover what’s inside you, and see how you can relate to your talents. I shall assist you in investing intentionally in the development of your talents so that you can accomplish your goals, achieve desired outcomes, and better respond to everyday situations.

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Life Coaching_Discover yourself

Life Coaching

You have a desire for change, you are facing some important decisions, you are going through some turbulent times, or you would like to improve you peace of mind ?

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Flash Coaching-Identify dominant talents

Flash Coaching

Want to identify your most dominant talents, which would make you stand out in the crowd? How about a 45-minute online chat on how you can intentionally use your strenghts in life?

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Your Natural Potential

Strengths Based Coaching

This package has been designed for those who want a direct path to achieve their objectives and who are prepared to invest in their greatest talents.

Teenage Coaching

Adolescence sometimes proves to be a challenging time for both teenagers and parents. As a result, dialogue occasionally stalls. The age span of 12 – 16 includes a tremendous range of development, behaviour, maturity and thinking. Your child’s perception of the world is naturally different from yours. This is why I provide you with tools to facilitate communication by introducing a common language. It is intended to help you better understand your son’s or daughter’s talents and define what makes him or her wonderfully unique.

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Teenage Coaching-smiling students looking happy

Teenage Coaching

Career Guidance

You have just received your high school results and are unsure about what career to pursue; or you have already made up your mind, but would like to validate your choice. My goal is to help you align your greatest talents and strengths with a career where you will have the possibility to maximise your potential. My wish is for you to avoid wasting valuable time and resources switching jobs until you find the perfect match. 

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Career Guidance-Tertiary Orientation-Student wearing a graduation hat

Career Guidance

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