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Strengths Based Coaching

You do not need a 360 degree change to become successful, but instead, strive to grow into a better version of yourself. This program, which spans over a four-to-five-month period, has been designed to help you focus on your positive, natural potential and tendencies.

After completing the online assessment, you will receive your talent profile – all 34 strength themes – shown in ranked order, a series of interactive learning and other resources. Following that, we will have five conversations during which you will have the opportunity to:

  • clarify what you would like to accomplish;
  • create a plan for how you will get there;
  • identify the words and phrases from your assessment that resonate with you;
  • appreciate the power and strengths that your dominant talents give you and accept the responsibility of developing them;
  • intentionally invest in the development of your talents and take specific actions to accomplish your goals, reach desired outcomes, and better respond to situations that happen every day. 
Your Natural Potential

What is included ?

Francois Baudot-Life coach-4

About the coach

My perspective is built on a more positive view of human nature. I see individuals as driven to reach their potential. There is nothing wrong with wanting to fix one’s weaknesses, and in fact it should be the ultimate goal of our lives. But I believe that this is not where personal development should start.