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The online assessment that you will take will enable you to identify your five most dominant talents – your unique patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour, which differentiate you from others. Your dominant talents are your sources of energy, engagement, motivation and success. When you apply your talents in a positive and productive way, they become strengths.

My objective is for you to get a sense of understanding of your talent report. I will therefore help you focus on self-awareness and appreciate how your natural talents play into your life. In other terms, how they contribute to your success. Once you get a grasp on how talents operate, we will look at ways of using them intentionally in your daily activities to replicate past achievements.

Flash Coaching-Identify dominant talents

What is included ?

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About the coach

My perspective is built on a more positive view of human nature. I see individuals as driven to reach their potential. There is nothing wrong with wanting to fix one’s weaknesses, and in fact it should be the ultimate goal of our lives. But I believe that this is not where personal development should start.