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Career Guidance

The Strengths for Students Top 5 assessment, which you will undergo, will reveal the first five talents (out of 34) in your strengths’ profile. It includes basic strategies to help you start applying your most powerful talents in a tertiary educational setting and beyond.

As the next generation leader, I need to ensure that you are provided with accurate results to be able to decide on your future career – a career that will offer you the possibility of achieving your goals and moving towards a purpose that will leave you fulfilled and thriving for the rest of your life. This is the reason why I also use The Holland Codes (RAISEC) as part of the evaluation process. Your strengths’ profile coupled with your RAISEC results will generate a set of variables to work from. By analysing two or more variables, I can effectively make comparisons, identify trends and discover correlations between factors that somehow overlap each other.

During our online coaching conversations, we will discuss the instances of rapid learning that you experienced, the fields you excel in, how good you are at performing certain tasks, the satisfaction that you get from it, and much more. 

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What is included ?

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About the coach

My perspective is built on a more positive view of human nature. I see individuals as driven to reach their potential. There is nothing wrong with wanting to fix one’s weaknesses, and in fact it should be the ultimate goal of our lives. But I believe that this is not where personal development should start.