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When given the opportunity, people are naturally more inclined to invest energy in developing their strengths instead of battling with their weaknesses. By capitalizing on your abilities, not only will it increase your overall well-being and development potential, but also impact your so-called ‘shortcomings’ positively.

Take control of your life

Self-realization_Fulfill your potential
Self-realization_Fulfill your potential


Create the conditions to live a happy and satisfying life by taking full advantage of your natural abilities.

Conquest_Overcome your obstacles
Conquest_Overcome your obstacles


Invest in the development of your talents to better address everyday situations.

Development_ Be a better version of yourself
Development_Be a better version of yourself


Appreciate the power and opportunities that come with your strengths and take responsibility for growing them further.

Alignment_Be true to yourself
Alignment_Be true to yourself


Take ownership of who you are despite your weak points and limitations rather than pretending to be someone else.


Dream or reality?

There hasn’t been a time in recent history where well-being has taken such an important place. We live in a world where the number of people suffering from depression has reached 264 million. Should we accept stress and all the problems relating to it as part of the new normal? Einstein once said that we cannot do the same things over time and expect different results. I shall help you align with your consciousness (your unique way of thinking, feeling and behaving) so that you can discover the best possible path to achieve a successful and fruitful life.

Well-being: Dream or reality?
Know Thyself-mind with math signs

Know thyself

From the time we were born to this day, we have developed a number of patterns of thoughts, behaviours and feelings. We can let these express themselves unconsciously or decide to take control. As Carl Jung correctly puts it, until we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct our life and we shall call it fate. Moreover, free will occurs when we become aware of our past conditioning and decide to drive our attention in another direction. I am therefore offering you an opportunity to connect with your true self by bringing forth some hidden aspects of your personality to light.

Positive psychology

For a very long period of time, psychology has been used within the “disease model”, treating individuals with psychological problems or mental illness. Psychology was not intended to improve the lives of relatively untroubled people in order to make them happier, more fulfilled or productive. What I am offering you here is an opportunity to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses, to build what’s good in your life instead of trying to fix what’s wrong, and make your life fulfilling and worth-living.

Positive psychology-road sign-half-full-half empty
Francois Baudot-Life coach-4

About the coach

My perspective is built on a more positive view of human nature. I see individuals as driven to reach their potential. There is nothing wrong with wanting to fix one’s weaknesses, and in fact it should be the ultimate goal of our lives. But I believe that this is not where personal development should start.

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